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Together, we can shift the paradigm of clinical research, offering opportunities to those that previously have not had the chance to realize the benefits of new drugs and devices!


Soma Medical Center, P.A. firmly believes in the purpose of research studies, and clinical trials, which seek to determine the effectiveness of new treatments. Our goal is to enable doctors to study safe & effective treatments, accurate diagnoses, and even preventative medical care. Our aim is to bridge the gap between research opportunities and doctors by providing the necessary time, resources, and support to explore new molecules, devices, and treatment options across diverse therapeutic elds.

Soma Medical Center, P.A. is dedicated to clinical research to ensure all our clinical trial partners, participants, sponsors, and investigators can rely on us for unparalleled service and exceptional performance.

Our mission is centered around democratizing clinical research, striving to bring its benefits to as many people as possible. By doing so, we aim to break down barriers, improve healthcare outcomes, and empower doctors from all backgrounds to contribute to cutting-edge medical advancements.


What we do

Improve Your Quality of Life

being a part of a research study means taking a proactive role in your healthcare, which could improve or even save your life.

provide additional care

Studies usually offer diagnodstic tests and even a full physical before you get started, a great way to get an update on your overall health.

learn more about your condition

When you participate in a study, you’ll get insights into your specific health condition from highly trained specialists.

Access to leading research doctors

During your study you’ll receive one-on-one medical care from board-certified physicians and a skilled research team.

provide additional income for your time and travel

We will compensate participants, with the amount varying, depending on the study’s length and the type of treatment you receive.

access to innovative new treatments.

Through your study, you’ll have access to new medicines and treatments at no cost.

About Clinical Research

bsync Clinical Research

We partner with BSYNC Research A Multi-Site, Multi-Specialty, Wholly-Owned Research Company. Their Corporate Headquarters are located in Sunrise, Florida with additional locations in Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach Counties.

KAREN TVETEN Administrative Assistant

Karen Tveten

Administrative assistant & Clinical Research Liaison

Business hours

Active Clinical Studies

COPD (Smoker’s) Study

COPD (Smoker’s) Study

Study Compensation: up to $2350
Diabetic Neuropathy Study

Diabetic Neuropathy Study

Study Compensation: up to: $1100

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